HumaPen Ergo 2

HumaPen Ergo 2
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Humapen Ergo 2 Blue Pen is designed for injecting insulin. The easy-to-use pen ensures that insulin is administered with ease and painless. It uses a Lilly 3mL insulin cartridge. When added into the pen, it allows you to inject from 1 to 60 units of insulin into your body. This can be used for about three years after its first usage. 

HumaPen Ergo II Compatible only with Huminsulin (Monocomponent Insulin, r-DNA origin) and Humalog (Monocomponent Insulin, r-DNA origin) Insulin Products. Suitable for use with Becton, Dickinson and Company pen needles.

Directions for use: 
1. Insert the insulin cartridge into the pen. 
2. Prime the pen before injecting. There must be no gap between the cartridge and the top part of the pen. 
3. Check the dose knob and see that it is set to the proper dosage amount that you need. 
4. Push the injection button down. Do not try and change the dose while you are injecting yourself with insulin. 

Use under medical supervision.

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