Beclate Inhaler

Beclate Inhaler 200 mcg 200 doses
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Beclate Inhaler is used to treat runny nose, swelling and itching of the nose due to allergy (allergic rhinitis), hay fever and ulcerative colitis. Beclometasone reduces inflammation, swelling and irritation in nose and helps to relieve itching, sneezing and blocked or runny nose. Beclate Inhaler is also used in asthma and ulcerative colitis.

Beclate Inhaler contains Beclomethasone an active ingredient and a synthetic glucocorticoid. It is naturally produced by adrenal glands which is an anti-inflammatory agent. Its ability to target uniquely lungs when used as inhaler makes it a very good medication when prescribed for asthmatic patients.

Beclate Inhaler is used by puffing it through the mouth down to the lungs therefore reaching the desired part to be treated. Beclomethasone's ability to reach the targeted area minimizes the side effects normally associated with oral drugs intake. It is a well tolerated medicine and controls asthma to the lowest level it does not affect the growth in children when administered and allow free flow of air in the respiratory tract.

Its main active ingredient is known as Beclomethasone. It has a strong chemical attraction to cytoplasm receptors and prevents the increasing formation of chemical enhancers that are liable to lungs inflammation. Beclomethasone focuses mainly on the factors responsible for inflammation by suppressing them in the process thus preventing their further accumulation that could eventually result to asthmatic condition.

Beclate Inhaler may cause unwanted side effects such as: coughing or sneezing, mild pose throat, retarded wound healing, thirsty condition, dry mouth, slight headache, swollen face, throat or tongue, skin rashes or itching. 

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