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Atacand is used to reduce blood pressure in individuals with hypertension. It belongs to a class of drugs called angiotensin receptors agonists. Atacand works by reducing hormones that constrict blood vessels, the end result being relaxed vessels and lowered pressure. Atacand is also used along with other medications to treat heart failure and kidney problems caused by type 2 diabetes.

The dosage of Atacand depends on an individual’s response to the medicine. An individual’s blood pressure may be dosage related above the range of 2 to 32 mg. Atacand can be taken once or twice every day with total daily dosage ranging from eight mg to thirty two mg. Studies have shown that larger dosage does not have a better effect during the treatment. The antihypertensive effect is most profound during the first two weeks and maximum reduction of blood pressure is generally obtained within four to six weeks of treatment.

The side effects of Atacand like all other hypertension medication can lower blood pressure beyond normal values, which can cause dizziness, weakness and chest tightness. An allergic reaction mostly causes hives. Angioedma has been associated with it use. This condition causes hands, face, lips, tongue and even the eyes to swell. Pregnant women should not take the Atacand drug as it can cause abnormalities in fetal development and also death. Women wanting to get pregnant should explore alternatives. Breast feeding has not shown to pass the drug from mother to child.

Individuals with sodium and potassium electrolytes imbalance should mention their condition to their doctors Atacand can cause unwarranted changes of the electrolyte levels. The use of diuretics needs to be considered along with Atacand as their combined effect can cause more than required changes in the blood pressure. History of heart and kidney problems makes Atacand unsuitable. Patients on dialysis may not be prescribed this drug. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can decrease its effectiveness.

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